EU Seeks to Draw More Indonesian Students to Europe

The Jakarta Post, page 12

The number of Indonesian students studying in Europe is continuously increasing, with the European Union expecting to attract more students furthering their education in the continent.

EU Ambassador to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam, Vincent Guerend said, currently more than 9,600 Indonesian students are studying in Europe in various majors including renewable energy, transportation, medicine and health, information, communications, and technology. In 2011 the figure shows that 6,100 Indonesians were studying in Europe, now we have 9,600. This is very encouraging but we believe that the potential is much bigger. Europe is one of the favorite destinations for Indonesian student to pursue studies abroad.

Guerend said the EU provided 1,600 scholarships annually for Indonesians to study in Europe through the EU’s Erasmus Plus and EU member states scholarships programs.

He said the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and France were the most favorite destination countries for Indonesian students. According to EU data, the total number of Indonesian students currently studying in Germany are 3,210 students, the UK 2,950, France 1,200 and the Netherlands 1,113. Guerend said the EU and its member states believe that education is the best possible investment against exclusion, inequality and poverty.



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