EU Support towards Indonesia’s Education

The European Union held a Higher Education Fair in Indonesia, due to the increasing interest of Indonesian students to study in Europe. EU Ambassador to Indonesia, Vincent Guerend, said that the event was the eighth time held in Jakarta, as well as being a good opportunity for Indonesian students to interact directly with representatives from various universities in Europe.

Guerend said studying abroad is an opportunity for students to discover their identity and explore new cultures. Education is also an effective way to bring together the understanding of the European and Indonesian people. In addition to introducing various institutions to Indonesian students, in this exhibition, visitors could discuss scholarships; get inspiration from a variety of courses and campus life.

To date there is an estimated 9,600 students and faculty members from Indonesia who continue their studies in Europe.  The exhibition, which was held on 5-6 November 2016, was attended by 138 higher education institutions from 15 European countries.

Guerend said the European Union supported the Indonesian government in implementing strategy and reform of education policy through various bilateral programs. This support also aims to create an inclusive society and enhance social justice.




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