Polytechnics Lack Lecturers

Media Indonesia, page 12

The government’s focus in developing vocational education, particularly polytechnics, is deemed to need to be balanced by an improvement in the quality of human resources. Because, compared to the number of vocational fields which are relatively large, the quantity of lecturer instructors is still very minimal. Paramadina University education observer Totok Soefijanto Amin said that the faculty instructors who have expertise in particular fields are needed to create better quality learning so as to revive the polytechnic.

For example, said Totok, maritime polytechnic which incidentally is one of the current focus areas of the government have not got many lecturer instructors. In fact, of the 117 maritime vocational high schools (SMK) in Indonesia, only two are internationally certified.

Earlier, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education stated it had prepared Rp 200 billion for improving the quality of polytechnic human resources and infrastructure. These funds will be divided according to the needs of each polytechnic. According to Director General of Science & Technology and Higher Education Resources Ali Ghufron Mukti, the government will continue to push for polytechnic lecturers in the future to become professors so it is expected that it would not only affect the learning environment, but also enhance the polytechnic accreditation.

Nevertheless, Ghufron stressed, let not lecturers be fixated in the pursuit of the title of professor. Most importantly, lecturers improve the competence and cooperation with external parties, especially with industry in order to absorb more of the applied sciences.



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