500,000 Teachers to Retire in 2019

Koran Sindo, page 2

Indonesia is not only facing the threat of scarcity of lecturers, but also teachers teaching in elementary and secondary levels. Until 2019 there will be 500,000 teachers retiring, while the recruitment of civil servant candidates (CPNS) is still not opened.

Chairperson of the Executive Board (PB) of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) Unifah Rasyidi said in Jakarta, yesterday (07/11), the current number of civil servant teachers in primary schools average only three people, and the rest is filled by honorarium teachers. IIdeally, there are nine civil servant teachers.

If the central government has yet to open CPNS recruitment, she requested that the regional administrations be authorized to hire the temporary teachers with APBD funds. Moreover, he continued, the temporary teachers in remote areas who took over the teaching responsibility of civil servant teachers, and should be prioritized.

Indonesian Education University education observer Said Hamid Hasan believes the government should immediately take strategic steps to prevent the scarcity of teachers. In addition, he suggested that novice teachers accompany teachers who will retire in order to absorb their professional experience thus be better prepared to teach.

Meanwhile, House commission X member Abdul Fikri claimed to be deeply concerned about the scarcity of teachers for the progress and decline of education in the country is highly dependent on the educators. He suggested for cross ministries to immediately coordinate to immediately open the taps of CPNS recruitment of teachers and not for other civil servant formations.



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