Cirebon Lacks Some 600 PNS Teachers Especially SD Teachers

The Government of Cirebon, West Java, lacks some 600 teachers who have civil servants (PNS) status. This mostly happens in the elementary school level. According to the information from Badan Kepegawaian Pendidikan dan Latihan (BK Diklat) of Cirebon, they lack some 400 teachers for SD, 116 for SMP and 84 for SMA.

Head of BK Diklat Cirebon, Anwar Sanusi, said that the minimum number of teachers needed for SD is 1,384 people comprising 1,009 classroom teachers, 145 religious teachers, 140 physical and health education teachers and 90 local content teachers. The total number of current teachers in 18 state SMPs is 641 people while the actual need is 757 teachers. While teachers in 9 SMAs in Cirebon are 458 people despite the actual need of 540 teachers.

Meanwhile, the Head of Department of Education of Cirebon, Jaja Sulaeman confirmed that the highest number of teacher shortage occurs in SD level. Certain schools even have only three to four PNS teachers. A school should have at a minimum of six classroom teachers, one field of study teacher, one headmaster and one security. In order to face such condition, the department of education, therefore, will implement a policy of management efficiency by integrating some SDs located in the same area.




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