Maximum Benefits from Demographic Bonus Requires Mental Revolution

The mental revolution program to improve the quality and character of the productive age people should be encouraged so that Indonesia could achieve maximum benefit from the demographic bonus in 2020 to 2030. Head of the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN), Surya Chandra Surapaty said that currently the competence and character of the productive population in Indonesia is still low, therefore a mental revolution is needed.

He conveyed that for competence, the length of schooling of Indonesians is still low that is only 7.6 years or equivalent to unfinished second year of junior high school.  Character is also still weak, still negative mentality, many of the working-age population are involved in drug abuse and thuggery. According to him, it should be promptly resolved so that the demographic bonus period is not meaninglessly wasted.

According to Chandra, efforts to overcome the issues must start from now. The quality of productive age population should be encouraged. The character of students who will enter the labor force must be addressed. “Directed to become independent human beings,” he said. Training for the labor force should be improved in order for them to have the skills.

In their efforts to enhance the quality of Indonesia’s population, Surya instructed the BKKBN representatives in the regions to really carry out their duties which is to make a success of the Nawa Cita program, particularly in forming  family planning (KB) villages as a manifestation of building Indonesia from the periphery.





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