The Government Changes the Schedule for Polytechnic Admission Selection

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti), Mohammad Nasir said that the government is currently focusing on improving vocational education through SMK and polytechnic. In fact, vocational education is the frontline in the development of social and economy in certain countries. Nasir said that his Ministry intends to undertake the same step for education in Indonesia by encouraging vocational education through polytechnic. However, there is a problem whereby the number of those who want to enter polytechnics is not as high as those who want to enter universities.

Moreover, polytechnic always comes as a second choice for those who fail to pass the state university admission selection (SMPTN) or joint selection of state university admission (SBMPTN).

Nasir added that he wanted to provide a new mindset to eliminate the stereotype of polytechnic as a second class university. One way to carry out this plan is by changing the schedule of polytechnic admission selection to be held together with SMPTN and SBMPTN.

To date, SMPTN and selection for polytechnic are separately held resulting in the lack of interest in polytechnic admission.  In order to solve this issue, Nasir will invite university rectors and directors of polytechnic to discuss the integration of system for new student admission. It is expected that such a system can be implemented in 2017.



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