Vocational Not Just Polytechnics

Kompas, page 11

Vocational studies in higher education are not only in polytechnics. So far, vocational education also developed in academies, including universities, institutes, colleges, and academies. The government should also view them as stakeholders. Revitalizing vocational higher education should not only focus on polytechnics, but also target existing vocational programs in universities, institutes, colleges, and academies (UNISTA). That hope was raised in the Third Congress of the Indonesian Vocational Higher Education Forum, in Depok, West Java, on Monday (7/11). The Congress was attended by forum members from 78 state and private universities covering about 400 study programs.

Chairman of the Indonesian Vocational Higher Education Forum, Sigit Pranowo asserted that the government’s policy to strengthen vocational education in SMK was welcomed by vocational educational institutions. Unfortunately, there is the impression that the  Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education only emphasized on polytechnics in the revitalization of vocational education in higher education. He asserted if the government should only prepare polytechnics in the revitalization, it would surely be inadequate.  In fact, since over 30 years ago,   vocational education had already been developed in UNISTA.

The congress produced a common commitment. In essence, pushing the quality of vocational education in UNISTA and polytechnics to ensure certified standard competence of their graduates hence supporting the self  reliance of the nation. Quality vocational education institutions provide opportunities SMK graduates to improve their competitiveness in order not to stop at  the secondary school manpower level.

Sigit added that vocational colleges in UNISTA would be developed as a certification body. In addition, they should have a joint selection to enter vocational education institutions that favor SMK graduates.



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