KIP Distribution Not Yet Completed

Republika, page 5

Minister of National Education (Mendikbud) Muhadjir Effendy, Tuesday (8/11), said that Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) distribution has not yet completed by this middle of November 2016 because it is still 70% of the total distribution. He added that the distribution for outside Java island still has many obstacles.

Muhadjir explained that the example of obstacle is the cards have been received by the students but they do not report it to their school because they do not know that they have to do so. However, in spite of facing many obstacles, his Ministry is ready if the distribution must be carried out by non-cash. Such a system has been recently tried out in Yogyakarta.

The concept of non-cash funds is realized in the form of KIP Plus. According to the evaluation, integrated KIP funds have been used by students to buy their school needs. Muhadjir feels optimistic that this system can be applied in a trial in 44 cities because it has high probability to succeed.

Menko PMK, Puan Maharani, said that the government will carry out a trial on the distribution of non-cash social funds in January 2017. The regulation will be issued in the form of president regulation. In the future, social funds such as Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH), beras masyarakat (rastra) and KIP will be distributed by non-cash through banks incorporated in State-Owned Banks Association (Himbara) and will be tried out in 44 cities in Indonesia.



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