Makassar tightens teacher certification rules

Education and Culture Agency (Disdikbud) of Makassar City, South Sulawesi, tightens rules for teachers to receive certification because of the many educator beneficiaries of the certification funds not improving their competence and quality. Makassar Mayor Moh Ramdhan Pomanto said in Makassar on Tuesday that he had discussed with the Education Agency and the policy is taken upon seeing the pattern and tendencies of the teachers who have received certification funds.

Ramdhan said the certification funds received by the teachers in Makassar should be used to improve teacher competence. However, once the certification funds have been disbursed and received by the teachers, most of the funds were spent on things that are consumptive and having no impact on improving the quality of teachers. Therefore, he expects by tightening the rules on certification recipients, teachers could begin to think about spending the certification funds wisely.

In future, he said, each teacher to receive certification is required to participate in teacher competence improvement activities. In addition, he instructed Disdikbud to manage certification funds transparently.

Dany added improvements in the field of education are carried out gradually, starting from improving the quality and competence of teachers, especially certification recipient teachers. In addition, a number of measures will also be taken by Ramdhan following a recommendation produced by Article 33 and the Indonesian Legislative Oversight Committee. Among them is conducting a balancing of budget for pre-prosperous families so that children from underprivileged families could have access to quality education. The city administration also promised to restructure the laboratories and libraries in schools to improve the quality of teaching.




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