Shaping Researcher Spirit Early

Jawa Pos, page 26

The number of researchers in Indonesia is still lacking when compared to other countries. It was recognized by Ananto Kusuma Seta, expert staff of Innovation and Competitiveness Sector Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). He expressed the importance of instilling the spirit/ character as researcher early on to build the world of research. He said through the development of character education or full-day school, Kemendikbud wants to create innovators and scientists from children starting early childhood.

With character education in schools, he continued, children could explore the environment more enjoyably and deeply. After following the lessons, children could learn fun things by way of blended learning and learning by doing. Further Ananto said since early on children should be equipped with skills of the 21st century. Among them are problem solving, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking character and citizenship.

Meanwhile, Arief Rachman, education expert, said fostering the spirit of researcher since a young age is indeed important. Especially looking at the number of researches in Indonesia is still inferior to that of other countries. Arif said many parents immediately after their children graduate would send them to seek popular jobs.



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