Vocational Education Needs Revitalization

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Vocational higher education in Indonesia requires revitalization.  The academics who are joined in the Indonesian Vocational Higher Education Forum (FPTVI) have confirmed this commitment in the Joint Determination to Revitalize Vocational Higher Education in University-Institute-College-Academy (UNISTA). Chairman of the University of Indonesia (UI) Vocational Program Sigit Hardowardoyo said this joint determination/commitment was agreed among nine universities and one college from throughout Indonesia.  In this  joint commitment several issues have been confirmed namely the existence of  vocational higher education in UNISTA.

It is to be understood as efforts to enrich the form of vocational higher education in Indonesia in accordance with Law No. 12 of 2012, making FPTVI as  a government partner to unify  vocational higher education providers,   collect the synergy of all elements of the vocational education organizers, making vocational higher education that is oriented towards  promoting entrepreneurship, and strengthening learners to be ready for work

Sigit said that there were still misperceptions that companies would only choose workers from the Sarjana/S-1 undergraduate level, though not all work is relevant/matches the skills of undergraduates. Many job positions are better filled by  graduates of vocational schools.

Meanwhile, Dean of Gadjah Mada University Vocational School, Wikan Sakarinto said that vocational graduates just need  two months to wait before they are absorbed in the working world. Concerns that companies would only choose undergraduates (S-1) need not be feared by the vocational students because actually  many vocational school graduates are needed in the working world.



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