48 Thousand Schools Yet to Enjoy Internet Access


Head of Information and Communication Technology Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) Ari Santoso said, a total of 48 thousand out of 165 thousand Kemendikbud-run schools do not have internet access.  It was revealed in the Education Meet: Expert Discussion and Exchange of Opinions (Kopi Darat) in Kemendikbud office, Jakarta, Wednesday (9/11).

Of the 165 schools, he continued, as many as 15 thousand schools have no electricity network.  He said the greatest percentage of schools is located mainly outside of Java Island.   However, the greatest number is located in Java Island, especially, Banten and the Southern part of Java.

Ari explained, actually the internet signal is everywhere because it uses a satellite transmitter. However, the tools/ devices to capture the internet signal are very expensive, around Rp 30 million per month per school. He regretted there are still many schools that do not enjoy internet access. This condition makes the approximately seven million Indonesian youths unable to compete because they are not familiar with the Internet and ICT.

Ari refused if the issue of internet access is the sole task of Kemdikbud; instead, it is also a job across ministries / agencies.  However, Ari asserted, Indonesia’s challenge is not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in encouraging people to think creatively in using ICT to innovate.

link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/16/11/09/ogds3j284-48-ribu-sekolah-belum-nikmati-akses-internet



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