ICT Ecosystem Turned On

Media Indonesia, page 8

The utilization of information and communications technology (ICT) in school primarily and should be a concern of the government is inadequate supporting ecosystems such as the ability of teachers and limitations of internet access. The results of the Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) study shows more than 50% of principals and teachers do not use the internet.

This is an obstacle in the learning of ICT in schools. In fact, the government had adopted ICT competency framework into Permendikbud 16/2007 on Teacher Competency which states that students learn and adapt to ICT gradually, like literacy.

To overcome these obstacles, Acting Head of Books and Curriculum Kemendikbud Nizam said his party would build its ecosystem although explicitly there is no longer the subject of ICT. Not merely equipping teachers with ICT knowledge and skills. Moreover, Kemendikbud promotes awareness that students should take advantage of ICTs to respond to everyday life.

Meanwhile, Head of Education and Culture ICT Center Kemendikbud Ari Santoso added that Indonesia’s challenge ahead is not only infrastructure, but also boosting the fourth generation to create more creative human resources with ICT. Kemendikbud is currently directing such a mindset.



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