Information Technology and Communication Are Essential Skills for the 21st Century

Head of Curriculum dan Books Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud), Prof Nizam said that Information Technology and Communication (ICT) are essential to meet the skill requirement in the 21st century. Such skills can process information into knowledge and use it as a competency to solve problems. ICT, therefore, is very important to achieve the 21st century prowess.

He added that through ICT, we can obtain data that can be processed into information and knowledge whereby the final results are competencies. Such competencies are called 4C, namely, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and capability to solve problems. Through ICT learning at school, students will obtain skills to access and process information as their basis to live in the 21st century.

Besides ICT learning, values that should be built are students’ attitude and empathy. Nizam said that students must not only learn technology but also the noble values. ICT application has three aspects, namely, open education resources, changing learning paradigm plus technology and infrastructure.

Teachers can also use ICT to establish networks plus share learning and practice sources with fellow teachers at their school and those in other regions or even globally. ICT can also decrease the gap in education by improving the access to education and learning sources.




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