Ministry to set up full-day school, no homework scheme

The Jakarta Post, page 3

Despite mounting criticism and promise of reconsideration, the Education and Culture Ministry decide to go ahead with the full-day school program where students would stay in school for longer hours five days a week.

The ministry would cut Saturday as a school day for elementary and junior high school students, they will still study from Monday to Friday, but prolong the study hours until 4 p.m. every day, Ministry spokesman Asianto Sinambela said on Wednesday.

Education and Culture Minister Muhadjir Effendy had previously launched the plan of extending school hours under a full-day school scheme where students would get lessons to help build their characters.

The long hours would not force student to sit tight in classrooms but instead offer them interactive study methods with their teachers. He explain that will be the combination of activities and simulation for example elementary school students would have play time in the fields to trigger their creativities supervised by teachers and school principal.

Besides cutting the school days, the ministry would also take out homeworks from students that had spent morning to afternoon at school. He said that will be almost no homework, so students will have more quality time with their parents.

In order to make the program takes into effect, the ministry had launched a pilot in 1,500 elementary and junior high school across the country. There were 543 principals from various schools across the archipelago being trained for project.


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