The Application of ICT in School Not Comprehensive

Subject on Information Technology and Communication (TIK) should be provided for all schools. Today, we live in the digital era whereby almost everyone is demanded to know how to use technology. Unfortunately, not all schools have adequate facilities for TIK learning.

Senior Advisor for Knowledge Management and Communication Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) Indonesia, Totok Amin Soefijanto, revealed that a number of schools have not comprehensively utilized ICT at school. He said that the use of ICT is not comprehensive because there are instructions but without training resulting in no support for the existing system.

Totok explained that there are some hundreds of school that have not obtained adequate facilities for TIK. In using ICT in school, there are certain matters that must be concerned other than infrastructure such as other supports so that ICT learning can be properly carried out.

He provided an example of the availability of electricity. There are thousands of schools that do not have electricity which means the basic infrastructure is not available for those schools. In addition, almost 50% of teachers and headmasters in Indonesia do not use the internet or e-mail in their learning and communication activities.

Totok also said that there is a major challenge for CIT whereby the competitions with neighborhood countries are very high.




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