Living Cost for Bidik Misi by Zoning System

Koran Sindo, page 16

The government planned to change the amount of living cost funds for Bidik Misi scholarship. There will be differences of living cost funds based on the zones as was revealed by Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristek Dikti), M Nasir, after a meeting with students of Bidik Misi dan Higher Education Affirmation (Adik) at Gorontalo State University (UNG) yesterday (10/11).

Nasir said that living cost for students who obtain Bidik Misi is Rp600,000 for every semester. The government, in agreement with DPR, will increase the budget for living cost scholarship of underprivileged students who have high achievement to Rp650,000 – Rp700,000.

Meanwhile, Director of Jenderal of Learning and Students  (Belmawa) of Kemenristek Dikti, Didin Wahidin, explained that the increase in the amount according to the zones will be based on the level of expense in every area so that the living cost provided will be sufficient for Bidik Misi students in funding their daily needs.

He added that currently a team has been sent to the field to review the change of the administration of Bidik Misi students and they will also observe the level of expense in certain areas. This team will also review whether the increase according to the zone is appropriate and the possibility of issuing a new policy for Bidik Misi whereas the increase will be equal for national level.


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