History Can Strengthen Character

Kompas, page 12

Strengthening national character education, among others, can be reached through education of the nation’s history that contains the values of nationalism and patriotism. Therefore, the teaching of history demands changes from textual to contextual in harmony with technological advances. History Director at the Directorate General of Culture Ministry of Education and Culture Triana Wulandari mentioned some of the concepts of activities in history lessons. First, socio-dramas an event that invites students to portray one of the characters/figures involved.

Second, an activity of making short films about local history in their respective regions. Third, making history comics for the introduction of events and their figures/ characters. Fourth, the manufacture of digitization for the introduction of figures in the form of the latest information technology application that allows students to understand the history and hold interactive historical exhibitions in public places.

According to the Secretary of the 10th History National Conference Drafting Team Restu Gunawan, strengthening the nation’s character education through changes in the process of teaching history is recommended. Another recommendation is the need for the development of maritime culture as the foundation of a maritime country that unites the sea as unifying the nation. The next recommendation, the need to nurture historiographical tradition that views the ocean as the dynamics of development.

Cirebon Pangkungwati Art SMK teacher, Mustaqim Asteja, deems the method of teaching history through reading and writing is no longer relevant amid the development of information technology. He often invites students to the Cirebon palace, even screening the movie on the history of Cirebon which is the result of his work. Hence, students could get closer to the centuries old past history of Cirebon.  He hoped the local administration sustains the learning breakthroughs and enthusiasm of the students by providing supporting facilities.



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