Indonesia Won 8 Gold Medals at IMSO 2016

Republika, page 5

Indonesia won eight gold medals at the International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) for Primary Schools 2016. A total of 48 medals were obtained from the category of mathematics and science competitions.

Those medals comprised 4 gold, 8 silver and 15 bronze from the mathematics Olympiad, plus 4 gold, 6 silver and 11 bronze from the science Olympiad. They were gained by the two contingents representing Indonesia who came from the representatives of the department of education and Clinic of MIPA Education (KPM).

The founder of KPM, Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra, in the closing ceremony of IMSO for Primary School 2016 at Allium Hotel, Tangerang, Saturday (12/11) said that this was proof that Indonesian children have the quality to compete with those from other countries. They just need more advancement and if they can obtain more attention, support and proper preparation, they will have even greater chances of winning.

The involvement in this IMSO 2016 can provide knowledge for KPM representatives in their interaction with other delegations to gain more experience and new knowledge. His institution will prepare better teams in the future through selection and training of participants to enter international competitions. Such preparation will not only be concerned with the subject materials but also the characters of the participants.



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