Technological Readiness Slows in Indonesia

Media Indonesia, page 21

The development of technology in Indonesia is relatively stagnant compared to that in other Asian countries and is even slowing. Indonesia’s readiness for technology was in 60th place in 2013 but has currently slid to 80th position out of 150 countries.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristek Dikti), M Nasir, said after opening the event of Pelantikan dan Rapat Kerja Himpunan Mahasiswa Pascasarjana Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday (11/11) that this condition might well affect the nation’s economy and competitiveness. Moreover, neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, on the other hand have shown significant improvement in technology.

Menristek explained that one of the indicators showing this deceleration in the development of technology is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL). This reveals there is not much research in Indonesia that has achieved TRL 7 meaning ready to be marketed to the industry or the public.

In addition, research staff in Indonesia only number 1,071 people per million of population. Such a figure is far from ideal, especially when compared against South Korea at some 8,000 research staff per million, Singapore (7,000) or Malaysia (2,590). He demanded that in future, universities must have a target for research achievement. Each university should at a minimum contribute at least one research product that can be developed up to TRL 7.


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