Time for Learning Based on Real World

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, Nov 12

Higher education is encouraged to develop a new learning model to address resource needs in accordance with the demands of the job market. Universities can no longer simply expand discussions in the lecture hall, but instead encourage understanding of the real conditions in society. This was raised in the conference and exhibition of the Higher Education Summit 2016 in New Delhi, India, Friday (11/11).

Liang-Gee Chen, Deputy Minister for Political Affairs, Ministry of Education of Taiwan, said higher education in his country was developed to excel in information and communication technologies with research development. The cooperation of university (PT) academics, research institutions, and industry becomes imperative.

Suchindra Kumar, Director of Advisory Services Ernst & Young said the world’s PT should really rethink the purpose of educating students with the demands of the new competencies.  Because, the current industrial world is dynamic. PTs not only prepare new professionals in accordance with the demands of the working world, but also on the need for retraining and improving the competence of workers related to the development of technology.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Tandon, Founder President-PRIA, UNESCo Co-Chair, said it is time for ‘learning to be’ education to push the PT to be more extensive in developing research that seeks to address the real issues/problems in the community and the world.   PT also contributes to empowering people. There is a social responsibility for PT to care about the real problems that exist. Merely learning in the classroom is no longer sufficient.

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