Menristekdikti: Research Culture in Indonesia Still Behind

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) Mohammad Nasir hoped Indonesian Higher Education does not only generate undergraduates. PT is also expected to foster a culture of research. Because the number of Indonesia’s research results is still far behind other countries. Noted, Indonesia is ranked 43rd in the world. It is very far behind when compared to South Korea, which is ranked fourth in the world, Malaysia 29th, Singapore 30th, and Thailand 34th.

Nasir said the inadequate number of research occurred because the public interest to become researchers is very low.   It is evident from the ratio of the number of existing researchers which is 1,070 / 1 million inhabitants. The differences are obvious when compared to countries such as South Korea (ROK) and Singapore. For example, South Korean researcher ratio is very high which is 8,000 / 1 million inhabitants.

Furthermore, Nasir said, fostering a culture of research in the nation is not an easy thing. Indonesia ranks 47th of 140 countries. This also affects the degree of readiness of technology or the technology readiness level (TRL).

For that, he would continue to push for the S2 and S3 students to be required to produce and publish in an international journal, in order to improve Indonesia’s competitiveness. Because the current technology readiness level (TRL) whose indicator is 1-9, Indonesia is still in the 6 and 7 level, namely only in the stage of system prototype demonstration in the environment. For the ideal readiness level stands at nine that indicates the system level is completely ready and tested through a successful operation.



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