Parent Participation Promotes Effective Schools

Kompas, page 12

The participation of parents is able to make effective schools to generate quality education performance and services. Unfortunately, the power of parents to participate in school has not been realized and not prepared seriously by the government and schools. In a discussion entitled “Making Schools Effective” held by the World Bank in Jakarta some time ago, Harry A Patrinos, Global Practice Manager for Education East Asia Pacific The World Bank said, encouraging parents and other stakeholders to become partners of the school is one effective way in improving school performance.

Therefore, the formation of the association of parents is very strategic. But even more important is training parents to have the ability or the competence to participate in their children’s respective schools.

Febri Hendri, Coordinator of the Civil Society for the Transformation of Education who is also a researcher at Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), said that, if the study proves the participation of the parents also becomes an important factor in making educational progress, the empowerment of parents in schools should be done seriously.

Meanwhile, Melly Kiong Family Education Practitioner and Founder of Family Organizing Community, said parents need to be encouraged to participate in events held by their children’s school.


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