Strengthening TKDN Research

Media Indonesia, page 10

Strengthening and conditioning of a more ideal research climate at the national level can be achieved by relating research to the government regulations on procurement of goods and services. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) therefore proposes the revision of President Regulation No. 4/2015 as the Fourth Amendment to President Regulation No. 54/2010 on Government Procurement of Goods/Services. One of the suggestions is by including research as a component.

Dirjen of Innovation Strengthening of Kemenristek Dikti, Jumain Appe, revealed that this is important since it is difficult to commercialize goods/services resulting from research because of the low level of local content (TKDN). If Indonesia intends to be commercially independent, it should rely on its domestic potential.

Furthermore, the country has great quantities of natural resources that can be used for research. It is hoped that such research can increase the TKDN of goods/services by up to 20% to 35% and the results of innovation can continue to develop and be widely utilize by society.

Jumain added that his Department will also invite companies and ministries/institutions to use products resulting from the innovation by the children of this nation. His Department also tries to keep encouraging young and talented research staff to conduct research whereby the results can be successfully commercialized.



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