Teacher Law Should Not Overlap

Indopos, page 2

Some cases tarnished the world of education in Indonesia recently. How physical violence affected a teacher in South Sulawesi and some cases of teachers being reported to legal proceedings by reason of violating the Child Protection Act. This shows the weakness of legal protection for teachers in running their professional duties. Education practitioner Mahmud emphasized that in the current era of modernization teachers must be capable of being professionals in their field; namely one of which is in the application of discipline. Thus, the professionalism of teachers could be seen on the suitability of their field of study.   He said the Teacher Protection Act should be standardized, however, not to overlap with the previous legal framework.

According to Mahmud, the new law should be more specific. That is, to adopt all the needs of the teaching profession. Nevertheless, Teacher Protection Act may be incorporated by providing reinforcement to the Law on Teachers and Lecturers so as not to create a polemic of duality of legal protection.

Earlier, the Acting Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association, Unifah Rosyidi said, the Teacher Protection Act would restore the autonomy of teachers. It also provides protection to teachers and learners. She said she did not want the duties and profession of teachers to be criminalized.


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