70 Percent of Vocational Education is Practice

Indopos, page 2

Economic independence can be achieved by creating innovations and technologies in industry. So far the industry in Indonesia is merely a factory.   This was stated by Director General of Innovation Strengthening, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) Jumain Appe in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/11).  Jumain exemplifies the pharmaceutical industry in which almost of the technology is from abroad, perhaps just the raw materials are from domestic resources. If Indonesia had its own technology and innovation, it would raise Indonesia’s Domestic Content Level (TKDN).

Jumain added, Indonesia needs at least equal to two percent of entrepreneurs from the total population, or the equivalent of 5 million people. The figure could drive high productivity growth. To achieve this, Kemenristekdikti boosts the education sector.

Jumain said he was promoting vocational education. In higher education (dikti) he was promoting vocational academies by revitalizing with two semesters of schooling, two semesters of internship, two semesters making final work. With the expectation that 70 percent is practice not theory. In addition, said Jumain, higher education (PT) also applies entrepreneurial curriculum and incentives to open a business.



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