KIP Distribution Completed

Republika, page 5

The Ministry of National Education (Kemdikbud) claimed that the distribution of Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) for SMA/SMK had been completed by 14 November 2016, as Director General of Primary and Secondary Education, Hamid Muhammad revealed at Kemdikbud Office, Jakarta, on Monday (14/11).

However, the process of KIP distribution for SD and SMP will be completed within the next two weeks. He explained that based on the data from Kemdikbud, some 11.7 million out of 11.9 million of the total KIP have been distributed. Therefore, some six million cards will be processed within one to two weeks.

Hamid said that the whole process can be completed by the middle to the end of this month at the latest. To date, a great number of children have been recorded in education basic data (Dapodik) but not all of them can receive reimbursement of the funds because of the long process of KIP reimbursement.

Hamid added that even though Kemdikbud had an initial target to complete KIP distribution by 31 October 2016, there was no time limitation for processing students’ data to Dapodik.



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