Lecturer Certification Supports the Tourism Industry

Media Indonesia, page 11

Tourism industry development in Indonesia today continues to be intensified. The quality of human resources (HR) is believed to be one of the keys to the development of the field. In order to meet competent human resources in the field of tourism, certifying the competence of lecturers in colleges or tourism teaching staff in vocational high schools (SMK) is a must.

This was expressed by the Director General of Science and Technology Higher Education Institutional of Kemenristek Dikti Patdono Suwignjo in an international conference organized by Institute of Tourism (STP) Trisakti, at the JCC, Jakarta, yesterday (15/11). Patdono said tourism is one of the fields being developed by the government to build the national economy.

Therefore, he added, it is necessary to increase the number of tourism colleges (STP) in Indonesia, especially in areas that become priority tourist destinations. Currently there are 4,300 universities in Indonesia. But the number of vocational education is only about 5%, i.e. 262 institutions. Meanwhile, there are only six STP throughout Indonesia managed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Patdono targets that all faculty and graduates of polytechnics would later at the end of 2019 already have professional certification, including in the field of tourism.



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