Only 22% of SDs Have Adequate Sanitary Facilities

Access to sanitation at school has not been a priority in relation to the provision of learning facilities for students. According to education basic data (Dapodik) 2016, only 22% of elementary schools (SD) in Indonesia have good sanitation. Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of National Education, Hamid Muhammad said that only one out of four SDs is in a good condition.

He explained that clean water, sanitation and health still become problems in certain schools. Furthermore, based on data from the Ministry of Health, only 12% of children age 5-14 years old wash their hands using soap after defecating. In addition, only 14% of children in Indonesia wash their hands using soap before having meals and 35% of children wash their hands after having meals.

Meanwhile, according to Dapodik 2016, the average ratio of toilets in schools is one toilet for 90 students. Minister of National Education Regulation Number 24 of 2007 states that the ratio of toilet for a school should be one toilet per 60 male students plus one toilet per 50 female students. In addition, only 65% of schools in Indonesia provide separate toilets for girls and boys.





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