Open Education is Important to Improve HR

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

Rector of the Open University (UT), Tian Belawati, conveyed open education becomes an important part of some of the instruments to improve human resources (HR) in Indonesia. According to Tian, through the help of the rapidly growing technology, open education as inclusive education could provide access to education, especially quality higher education to anyone to improve their qualifications. Tian announced this when opening a seminar on “Open Education as a Catalyst of HR Capacity Building”, at the UT campus, Monday (14/11).

Tian explained the existence of UT which has been promoting open education for 32 years becomes one of the milestones of higher education in Indonesia. UT contributed to improving access to quality higher education.

The presence of UT could reduce the gap between the competence and qualifications of Indonesian workers who are mostly still low in order to be able to compete with workers in ASEAN. Because UT presents distance education (ODL), which is accessible to all the nation’s children wherever they are.

Tian also advised that the graduates of UT as intellectuals must not only remain silent, but should be able to contribute to the nation.  In this case when returning to the regions, they should take an active role as agents of change or catalyst in enhancing human resources in the regions.



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