Prepared Professional Organization

Kompas, page 11

Indonesia does not have a teachers’ professional organization recognized by the government. Various existing teacher organizations, including the Indonesian Teachers Association, are considered not qualified as a teachers’ professional organization. The government encouraged the birth of a teachers’ professional organization according to the fields of science. Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Ministry of Education and Culture Sumarna Surapranata said existing teachers’ organizations are associations or teachers union. Their existence is not questioned. However, to be a teachers’ professional organization, the organization should really be of, for and by teachers. This organization should be independent, free from interests outside the professional development of teachers.

According to him, Kemdikbud, as the regulator is designing the rules in the form of guidelines, guide, or technical manual on the establishment of a teachers’ professional organization. Later, it is expected to be formed a professional organization of teachers of chemistry, mathematics, SD, and others. Sumarna explained teachers’ professional organizations are composed of people with the same profession.  A teachers’ professional organization of a particular field is entitled to recognize the competence of a person to teach in that field.

The legal umbrella for the establishment of a teachers’ organization is targeted for completion late this year. The existence of the teachers’ professional organization in accordance with such provisions is needed in the implementation of professional education of teachers in higher education designated by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. It is also a mandate of Law Number 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers.

Meanwhile, Acting Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) Unifah Rosyidi said professional organizations are actually born from the professional community. According to her, it is strange if the government regulates too deeply. The impression is the government is making it difficult because it does not like a particular teacher organization. It shows there are no good intentions of the government to recognize the teachers’ professional organization of existing organizations. According to her, PGRI has run teaching professional activities through stewardship to the sub-district level. There is also a skills/expertise professional association led by teachers, such as teacher associations of kindergarten, primary and subject teachers.



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