Still Many Undergraduates are Unemployed

Jawa Pos, page 26

Universities in Indonesia routinely generate millions of graduates every year. Many among them actually are not absorbed by the labor market. In fact, sadly, some are unemployed. It is recorded that 600 thousand higher education graduates are openly unemployed of the total workforce. Entrepreneurship becomes one of the sectors considered to provide a solution to the problem.

Head of Private Higher Education Coordination (Kopertis) III Kemenristekdikti Illah Sailah stated higher education needs to make a great effort so that its graduates could be absorbed quickly in the working world. Because, reflecting the data produced by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), there were 125.44 million people of the labor force consisting of 118.41 million of the working population and 7.03 million are unemployed.

Illah said it is very unfortunate that included in the 7.03 million are higher education graduates. It shows that employment of higher education graduates tends to be slow so it is fertile ground for undergraduate labeled unemployed. According to Illah, one of the causes of the unemployed with undergraduate degree is low competence and lack of soft skills possessed by the prospective manpower. In addition to the low competence, the mindset of the graduates is to seek jobs instead of creating their own jobs.

In fact, in the face of intense competition of the world of work, higher education graduates do not have to apply to become workers. Entrepreneurship could be one of the options that benefit many parties. Therefore, Illah called on higher education to further improve programs that instill the values of entrepreneurship to students.



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