Disaster Prone Schools in West Java Mapped

Republika, page 5

Disaster emergency status applied by the West Java (Jabar) Provincial Administration prompted a number of areas of Pasundan land to prepare. Regional House Commission IV Cianjur, West Java, asked the Cianjur Education Agency (Disdik), to be in coordination with the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), to map disaster-prone schools.

Vice Chairman of Regional House Commission IV of Cianjur, Cecep Buldan said in Cianjur, on Wednesday, said this should be done so that no school building stands on land that is prone to disasters such as the soil movement that hit the SMPN 3 Sukaresmi school building. This was done in order to avoid unwanted incidents.

He said the presence of mapping is expected to minimize the impact of disasters, moreover looking at the current uncertain weather conditions, so the school and students could be on alert and be on disaster alertness especially when rain pours down the learning process could be stopped.

He said Disdik Cianjur’s coordination with BPBD is intended to record which schools are located in disaster-prone areas so that the school could anticipate when it rains with high intensity during school hours. Whereas, the schools located in high risk areas should be relocated, in order to prevent casualties in case of disaster.



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