Earlier Disbursement of Teachers’ Allowance

Jawa Pos, page 1

Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) has accelerated the disbursement of teaching profession allowance (TPG) for the fourth quarter. Kemendikbud disbursed the TPG for non-PNS teachers starting Monday (14/11). Meanwhile, the allocation of TPG for PNS teachers will be managed by local government.

Dirjen of Teachers and Educational Personnel (GTK) of Kemendikbud, Sumarna Surapranata, said that Kemendikbud had intentionally accelerated the disbursement of TPG despite the fact that it could actually have paid it in December because the fourth quarter is for the period of October-December. Pranata said that the funds for TPG for non-PNS teachers are held by Kemendikbud amounting to Rp6 trillion as the total amount of this year budget.

This acceleration was conducted as an example for the governments in regencies and cities. He hoped that local governments will process the TPG disbursement as soon as possible for all those PNSs having the right to receive it. The deadline of TPG disbursement for PNS teachers is 16 December and he demanded that this provision be followed by local government.

The Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Association (FSGI), Retno Listyarti appreciated Kemendikbud efforts in accelerating the disbursement of TPG. However, she cannot ignore that the bureaucracy of local government is slow. As an example, TPG disbursement in DKI Jakarta, although closer to the central government, is always conducted at the end of the period after other regions have already completed their disbursements.



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