Let it Not Be Just One Organization

Kompas, page 11

Efforts to organize the teachers’ organizations into government-recognized professional organization are welcomed. However, the government was asked not constrict into a professional organization of teachers according to the field of science in primary school, junior high school, and high school/vocational school, or directed only in the form of one organization. Chairman of the Board of Consideration of the Indonesian Teachers’ Union of Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Fahmi Hatib said the teachers’ organizations that have met requirements should be recognized as teachers’ professional organizations. It is better for the government to fix the existing teachers’ organizations, instead of encouraging the birth of teachers’ professional organizations per subject.

He said, the Teachers and Lecturers Law, mandated the teachers’ professional organization, because teaching is a profession. So, it is not a teachers’ professional organization per subject. The government should also not only recognize one teachers’ professional organization. According to Fahmi teachers’ professional organizations should be allowed to grow more than one.

Chairman of the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Association (FAGI) Bandung, West Java, Iwan Hermawan said, teachers’ organizations grow in the regions to promote the aspirations in that area. Nevertheless, a number of teachers’ organizations in the regions remain joined to form a federation at the national level. The emergence of teachers’ organizations in the regions is also an attempt to restore the role of teachers as leaders of teachers’ organizations. He said there are teachers’ organizations whose stewardships at the central level to the regional are populated by education bureaucrats. As a result, the aspirations of teachers who criticize government policy are unfulfilled.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Teachers Association of Cirebon Regency, Jaja Jawahir is hoping the Ministry of Education and Culture plan to encourage the birth of teachers’ professional organizations do not actually weaken the unity of the teachers included in the teachers’ organizations.



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