LPMP Quality Still Low

Media Indonesia, page 11

The Education Quality Assurance Agency (LPMP) is currently assessed as weak. It was acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Culture it would be detrimental to the education world in general because it would produce substandard teacher qualifications.

During a visit in South Sulawesi, yesterday, Education Minister Muhadjir Effendy expected LPMP especially those in South Sulawesi to be able to provide improved quality of resources and improve the quality of teachers in the region. Because, at this time the issue is the low quality of teachers.

At the Coordination Meeting and Signing of MoU on the Education Quality Assurance System in South Sulawesi Province, which was attended by 24 education agency heads of regencies / cities and 360 regional technical implementation units (UPTD) of education in the sub-districts, Muhadjir asserted the quality of education must be improved. In addition, he said, the national standard would be reviewed in view of disparity still existing in the education sector.

In addition, he would revise the policy, including the policy of not imposing a national exam and requiring teachers to teach in schools for 8 hours including teaching character education. Another problem is the unequal distribution of education such as in small and remote islands.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the South Sulawesi LPMP Abd Halim Muharram, on that occasion, expressed readiness to implement the policies and instructions of the Minister of Education to improve the quality of educators. Meanwhile, South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo, in his speech, said that education is part of efforts to educate the nation’s children. What is needed is the realization of improving the quality of education.



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