Mendikbud Encourages SMK Revitalization

Republika, page 5

During his working visit to SMKN 9 Makassar on Wednesday (16/11), Minister of National Education (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy, asked the SMK to prepare human resources with skills in the maritime field. This field offers Indonesia great potential, but the nation lacks skilled personnel.

The government is currently supporting the revitalization of vocational schools (SMK). His Ministry, therefore, is increasing the number of teachers with dual competencies, namely the adaptive and productive teachers.

The Minister hoped that experts and experienced personnel will teach in SMK following the process of improvement in teaching competency. In addition to the maritime field, SMK revitalization will also focus on the fields of food sustainability, tourism, industry and creative economics.

Muhadjir added that all of these plans must also be supported by adequate facilities. Classrooms and the school environment must be conducive for students so that they can both study productively and carry out other activities.


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