Teaching Encourages Students to Analyze Market Tastes

Kompas, page 11

Revitalization of vocational education in vocational high schools (SMK) in the field of fashion begins with improving teacher competence. The pattern of teaching is not merely designing clothes, but also analyzing the market tastes. More than 100 teachers from a number of SMKs in Indonesia took part in a dressmaking training entitled “Towards SMK Go international”, on Wednesday (16/11), in Kudus, Central Java.  The teachers were given materials, among others, about the basics of design, an introduction to fashion, fashion trends, and practice in the preparation of collection.

Head of Sub-directorate of Programs and Evaluation Directorate of SMK Development of the Ministry of Education and Culture Arie Wibowo Khurniawan said the curriculum strategy in the field of fashion must be changed. Teachers lead students to make high selling products, not just the ability to sew and design clothes. Innovation and creativity should be in tune with the fashion industry. Indonesia is targeted to be the center of the fashion world in 2025. Graduates who are skilled and qualified also have the chance to overcome/address the lack of employment opportunities in Indonesia.

Based on data from the Directorate of SMK Development Kemdikbud there are 894 fashion SMKs in Indonesia. However, not a single vocational school has become reference due to a number of constraints, including teacher competence. The category that exists today is SMK referral candidate.

Designer cum Chairman of the Indonesia Fashion Chamber Ali Charisma said the pattern of teaching by teachers should follow the development of communications technology. Because the fashion world develops according to changing times. The most suitable young designer nursery starts from vocational high school (SMK) education.



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