6,296 Frontline Teachers become CPNS

Jawa Pos, page 12

The government confirmed that the status of civil servant candidates (CPNS) for frontline teachers (GGD) is effective 1 January 2017. The number reached 6,296 people who will be placed in 93 regencies throughout Indonesia. Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel Sumarna Surapranata said the criteria for placement is underdeveloped, outermost, and frontier regions. He hopes the CPNS teachers would continue the success of the GGD sending/ dispatch of the earlier period.
The teachers who were dispatched in 2015 acquired good achievement. In their placement in schools they became pioneers and role models for other teachers.

The GGD CPNS quota of 6,296 people is in fact still below the real needs for teachers. Ideally, the government recruits the number as required, however, because of the limited budget that figure is the maximum number for recruitment.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Teachers Muhammad Rahim Ramli said the placement of GGD was arranged with good regulation. One is with long-term contracts. Upon starting duty, they do not yet receive their basic salary intact. Because of the status of civil servant (CPNS), the basic salary they receive is 80 percent. Even so, they immediately get teachers’ professional allowance (TPG) and the special area allowance which is worth one-month’s salary.



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