ICT Craft, Changes Child Behavior

Indopos, page 3

The development of information and communication technology (ICT) is growing rapidly today. In line with that, a number of countries are implementing ICT-based education. An education practitioner, Indra Charismiadji asserted that computational thinking is greatly needed to teach students critical thinking with the ability to use technology. Nevertheless, much of the new skills in the IT field are still very little applied in schools in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Indra said that worker needs in the 21st century rely heavily on ICT. In some countries such as Australia, South Korea and the United Kingdom, computational thinking is given since early on in subjects such as coding, computer science and computer programming.

Indra confirmed that the problems faced in Indonesian schools relate to the availability of facilities and infrastructure; because computational thinking requires adequate facilities. In addition, the limitations of teachers/ educators and teaching materials should also be immediately addressed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. According to Indra, although the subject of ICT has been included in the revised Curriculum 2013, the teachers should also be given training and certification.

He added that computational thinking teaches children to solve problems. It could be done by classifying problems according to the same pattern. So it is easier for children to solve the problem. Such crafts (ICT craft) have just started to be applied in leading private schools. He also suggested that the ICT craft in Indonesia could be flexible, should not be something complicated and can be included in any subject.



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