Kupang appreciates scholarship offer from Australia`s Monash University


The city administration of Kupang appreciates scholarship offer from Australias Monash University for children of Kupangs poor families. City administration secretary Bernadus Benu said he city administration appreciates the offer and would soon take the necessary steps for the improvement of the quality of human resources in the area. Officials of the Monash University earlier met with the Kupang city administration represented by Bernadus Benut discussing the scholarship offer.

The Monash University has offered scholarships for Kupang students having distinguished record to proceed education at the university in Australia. The offer is given especially to those who could not afford to proceed to higher education for financial difficulty, Bernadus said.

He said certainly the Kupang city administration would take the necessary steps in the selection of students entitled to the scholarship offer. There are many highly intelligent students in Kupang, but could not proceed to higher education for financial difficulty. He said the offer of cooperation program is certainly accepted.

Bernadus added, the Kupang city administration also has a similar program for the education of students from poor families. In 2016, the program would provide financial assistance for 1,500 students of senior high school graduates to continue education at universities in this region. The difference is that the program of the Kupang city administration provides financial assistance to students from poor families regardless of the educational records.

Link: http://www.antaranews.com/en/news/107620/kupang-appreciates-scholarship-offer-from-australias-monash-university



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