Mendikbud Expects LPMP to Guarantee Teacher Quality

Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy expects the Education Quality Assurance Institute (LPMP) of South Sulawesi could provide improved quality of resources and improve the quality of the teachers in the region. According to Muhadjir, the current issue is the quality of teachers; hence LPMP Sulsel as an arm of the Ministry of Education and Culture should be responsible for enhancing the quality of our teachers.

In addition, he said, the national standards would be reviewed in view of the gaps in the education sector in which there is still inequality. One of the revised policies is not to impose the National Exam, the mechanism is returned to the respective regions, because they themselves know better. In addition teachers would teach at the school for eight hours including teaching character education.

Nevertheless, continued Muhadjir, these policy revisions have been studied, including no longer leaving room for teachers to teach in other places to get extra fees. The paradigm change of teaching in the school environment is being drafted, and this discourse needs LPMP escort. While another problem is the unequal distribution of education such as in small and remote islands.   They do not get enough education services compared to those in urban land areas and regency cities.





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