Microsoft: Technology Will Not Replace the Teacher’s Role

The digital era transforms the way of learning in education. Thanks to technology, modern students can now access science/ knowledge and information anywhere and anytime. In the future, it is not impossible, artificial intelligence and robotic technology is revolutionizing the way to enjoy education for the younger generation. The big question then arises. Shall the generation of students now and in the future require a teacher? Could technology eventually replace the educator profession?

Vice President of Microsoft Worldwide Education Anthony Salcito ensured the answer is no. He actually thought otherwise. In the digital era as it is today and in the future, the role of teachers is even greater and necessary. The key is how teachers embrace change and making them tools for optimizing the potential of the students.

Salcito said it must be realized the potential for change today is much different. In the digital age, there are millions of percent of content and potential of education available to students. Not infrequently, students actually learn more outside of school. Teachers also need to be aware of it and to adapt, no longer just focusing on the dissemination of knowledge from himself/ herself alone. So the teacher’s role changes, from spreading into truly encouraging and inspiring students to absorb the potential.

One example of adaptation that can be done according to Salcito is to use data-driven technology. Teachers can now use the data and statistics application to monitor the behavior, interests, potentials, up to the development of students. Through the data, teachers could better understand the advantages and capabilities of students and improve them. In the end, the learning methods applied by teachers are increasingly directed.




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