Reimbursement of Allowance for Non-PNS Teachers Accelerated

Koran Sindo, page 16

The government has accelerated the reimbursement of teacher profession allowance (TPG) for non-PNS staff this month. The purpose of this decision is as an example for local government to accelerate reimbursement of TPG for PNS teachers. Director General of Teachers and Educational Personnel (GTK) of the Ministry of National Education (Kemdikbud), Sumarna Surapranata, said that TPG payment for non-PNS teachers will actually be carried out by the end of December for the fourth quarter of October-December period. However, Kemendikbud will carry out the payment this November so that TPG for PNS teachers will also be paid.

Pranata explained that over 200,000 non-PNS teachers receive the profession allowance. The allocation of allowance budget for non-PNS teachers amounts to Rp6 trillion, with Rp1.5 trillion for each term of reimbursement. He explained that despite the non-PNS status, these teachers are entitled to the allowance because they have been certified. The provision of TPG is also in compliance with Law Number 14/2005 on Teachers and Lecturers.

Meanwhile, in relation to TPG reimbursement for PNS, Pranata said that it is the responsibility of local government. Central government cannot intervene but it must urge the acceleration of the reimbursement. Pranata revealed that the lateness of the reimbursement is not due to the funds being used by the local government for other expenses but due to complications within the bureaucracy of the local government.

The government has determined the deadline of TPG reimbursement for PNS teachers to be 16 December. He hoped that local governments can follow this provision.

According to an education expert from Eduspec, Indra Charismiadji, firm action is necessary so that local governments will immediately pay the allowance. He revealed that there are many cases whereby local governments borrow the budget of TPG for other matters. It is allegedly that this practice is undertaken by local governments because the government also carries out some cuts to save the budget.



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