Some 6 Million Students Have Not Reimbursed KIP

Suara Pembaruan, page 17

Director General of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of National Education (Dirjen Dikdasmen Kemdikbud), Hamid Muhammad, said that according to student basic data (Dapodik), from the total of 17.9 million Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) receivers, only 11.7 million have been recorded in Dapodik. This means that some six million receivers have not reimbursed KIP funds.

Hamid admitted that his Department had urged schools to register the students receivers of KIP to Dapodik before October 2016 because receivers who had not being registered before the end of October cannot receive reimbursement this year. Their reimbursement will be suspended until early 2017.

Hamid said that KIP was distributed up to 31 October of this year. However, the process of registering the data to Dapodik does not have a deadline because it will be used for the preparation of distribution for the following year. Kemendikbud cannot wait until the end of the year to limit the time of budget distribution. Hamid furthermore said that card receivers can still register with Dapodik in November and December 2016. However, the reimbursement must wait for the new budget of 2017.

Hamid added that to date there are many schools that have not or are still in the process of registering their students. On average, 2,000 receivers are registered with Dapodik every day. He also said that in order to accelerate the registry process, his Department had urged all schools to register their students before October 2016.

Hamid also explained that his Department has asked schools and banks to cooperate because it is the responsibility of the head of department and bank branches in regency/city to manage the capacity of reimbursement every day. In addition, his Department has asked the banks not to keep the funds for a long period but just a maximum of one month after the receivers are registered with Dapodik.



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