Universities and Industries Should Link

Kompas, page 11

Preparation of human resources in tertiary education institutions (PTs) must be related to the industrial strategy to be built at the national, regional, and sectoral levels. Thus, the human resources that fill the job market could promote industrial productivity. This was raised in a discussion titled “Revitalization of Higher Education Policy Building Competitive Indonesian Human Resources”, on Thursday (17/11) in Jakarta. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee For Workforce Training of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Miftahudin said that in the preparation of the required human resources for the job market, both the vocational and academic education system must still co-exist. Human resources development from this education system should be designed to fill the needs of the existing industries today and industries growing in the future.

According to Miftahudin, with the human resources development related to industrial strategy prompts the need for labor in the industry supply chain to be easily met and obtained. If the HR and the industries run on their own, there could cause a mismatch or gap between the graduates and the jobs.

According to him, Indonesia is now in dire need of coordination, mutual understanding, and must begin to work seriously to realize the human resource development, especially in higher education (PT), which can ensure a highly skilled workforce. Referring to the manpower data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, per August 2016, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce recorded that there were 12.24 million PT graduates and an unemployment rate of 5.61 percent. Every year there are more university graduates than the number of workers needed by the companies, but there are still many companies that have difficulties in obtaining workforce with the expected qualifications.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Strategic Assessment of the National Land Agency, Djagal Wiseso said that PTs lack leadership, governance and direction of education which correspond to the national paradigm. It is also evident from the lack of clarity in the mandate of sciences and researches developed by PTs.



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