Grow Tolerant Attitude Early

Kompas, page 11

Along with the sectarian issues in the country, the spirit of diversity needs to be strengthened in children from an early age. Awareness to accept differences should grow out of the family environment and then fostered through pre-school education and schooling. It was affirmed by the Director of Early Childhood Education Development of Kemdikbud Ella Yulaelawati on the sidelines of discussions on “International Children’s Day in PAUD “KM Zero”, in Jakarta, Sunday (20/11). Ella stressed a number of things that significantly determine in the growth and development period towards adulthood. It refers to include the right to play, the right to education, the right to rest, and the right to expression.

She said that since 1959, the United Nations made 20 November as the momentum for the global promotion of the importance of togetherness in improving children’s welfare.  In the present context, solidarity/ togetherness is only realized if it is based on an awareness of ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group (SARA). This is really relevant to the conditions of national life.

Meanwhile, education activist Dewi Hughes said, the awareness to accept differences should be started from the family environment. In this respect the role of parents is very important. He added that the child could accept differences in the outside world if from the family environment he/she is used to seeing tolerant behavior and values.



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