Insurance for 996 SM3T Teachers

Media Indonesia, page 12

The government is to show its increasing concern for teachers who dedicate themselves to work in regional areas. One of these efforts is the cooperation between the Ministry of National Education (Kemendikbud) and BRI Life Insurance to provide insurance for minor accidents, health and death (AMKM) to some 996 teachers from the program of the Undergraduates Educating in the Frontier, Outermost and Disadvantaged Regions (SM3T).

At the workshop of SM3T 2016 program last week, Marketing Director of BRI Life, Fabiola N Sondakh symbolically presented an insurance policy to a representative of teachers from Papua. On the same occasion, Head of Bancassurance BRI, Dwi Bambang Wicaksono, said that the AMKM program will provide great benefits for teachers far in advance of the required premium.

Meanwhile, Chairman of SM3T Program of Kemendikbud, Renny Yunus, said that SM3T program is a program of dedication for bachelors of education. In this program, they participate in overcoming the problems in education by undertaking the acceleration of education development in regional areas.



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