Mendikbud Worries About the Impact of Globalization


Republika, page 2, Saturday, November 19

Minister of National Education (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy, invited  the governmental public relations coordinating board (Bakohumas) to disseminate ‘education of character’. This pattern of education can build the human resources needed to better develop the nation. The Minister revealed this at the event Anugerah Humas Indonesia 2016 in Bandung on Friday (18/11).

In front of several hundreds of governmental public relations personnel under Bakohumas, Mendikbud said that character education will result in quality human resources both intellectually and spiritually since this pattern of education involves the school, family and society. Bakohumas has the potential to assume society’s strategic role in disseminating character education and distributing the Indonesia Smart Card (KIP).

In regard to character education, Mendikbud emphasized the importance of nationalism being seriously taught to students at the basic education level. Moreover, globalization will become a major challenge as students will face the impact of an invasion of foreign culture. Mendikbud worries that if students do not receive character education, they will be unable to select appropriate culture for application in this country.

He said that character education does not mean rejecting globalization, but providing space for nationalism. Mendikbud warned that globalization must not erode our nationalism. Even though globalization offers open access across sectors, students must continue to cherish Indonesia and they must arise when nationalism is threatened by irresponsible parties.



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